The meeting link will be provided on this page 15 minutes before the posted virtual class time.  This page will auto refresh every 30 seconds. Stay on this web page and the class will begin shortly.


Please make sure you have a webcam or mobile phone with a working camera.  Desktop PC users with a modern browser will not require any additional software.  Mobile phone users will be asked to download a free app called Jitsi Meet.  It's fairly easy.  If you have any trouble ask someone in your household to stand by just in case.  We will not be able to offer technical support once the class gets underway. Please be aware that data and minutes can be used on limited data plans. We recommend using home WiFi or "hotspotting" with a source with no data limits.
Improper use of this software during class time, such as the use of profanity, or else otherwise unacceptable behavior, will get you banned from the class, and you will not be able to rejoin.
A video of all participants is required to prove you are attending the virtual class.  If you are using your device and not dialing in, your entrance will start your session with all students in silenced mode. If you wish to speak or ask a question.

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