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Automated Written DPS Test Systems

Are you still administering your written Texas Road Signs and Road Rules test on paper?

With our automated online testing and automated grading module, you don't have to. This test can be taken by your students in class via browser, tablet or phone. 

Timed Testing

Now, both students and driving schools have access to the duration of the test taken by the student. This feature proves invaluable in assessing whether the student encounters difficulties with the essential course materials needed for passing.

Road Rules

The second part of the test is the Road Rules as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

How it works

We create a custom password protected URL that will give you the link to put on your website for students to use at test time. Included is a GRADE NOW button that the driving school administrator can use to automatically grade all the submitted tests.  The testing form itself is password protected and can be changed periodically to minimize cheating. The licensed version will also shuffle answers on the test so the order will never be the same.

Signs Test

The first part of the online test covers the Texas Road Signs as required the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Multiple State Agency

Our platform is currently configured for the state of Texas, but our test can be configured for any state requirements. 

Password is `DEMO'

Pricing is only $5 dollars a month for unlimited testing.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more, or email or call 512-969-9214.

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