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Getting started

What you will need for DPS(not needed to enroll!)

Parent/Guardian must be present to enroll student with the school.   The Texas Department of Public Safety requires the following items in order to get a learner's permit for your son or daughter:

Note: you do not need the following to enroll, but will eventually need all to get your pemit.  

1. ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND ORIGINAL SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. The birth certificate must show original seal or a certified copy with a state seal will suffice.

2. Foreign Born students must have a valid U.S. INS card or passport.

3. Verification of enrollment form - "V.O.E." from your high school office.  This form verifies that the student was in school at least 80 days of the last semester prior to the first day of driver's education class. SUMMER STUDENTS: GET YOUR VOE ONE DAY BEFORE YOUR SCHOOL BREAKS FOR SUMMER! VOE'S EXPIRE AFTER 30 DAYS! "SUMMER" VOE'S LAST 90 DAYS.

4. Check, cash or money order for $16.00 dollars made payable to DPS.

5. DE-964 FORM which we will give you after the sutdent completes 3 days of class. Try to get to the DPS office early because they sometimes get very busy in the afternoon.  Your child will take the written exam and vision exam here in our school and receive a "learner's permit" from DPS once the exam is passed and all documents are in order.


Please do not go to DPS until after the 3rd day of class,  For more information contact Rick Hinojosa at 361-643-2681 or write an email to

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