Welcome to the virtual lobby. The class will begin shortly.


Improper use of this software during class time, such as the use of profanity, or else otherwise unacceptable behavior, will get you banned from the class, and you will not be able to rejoin.
A video of all participants is required to prove you are attending the virtual class.  There will be a role call. Unauthorized attendees will not receive credit for this class unless you have enrolled previously and paid for the class.  If you get disconnected or dropped as strange things do happen in the internet world of things, just simply click the link that you used to join in prior and reconnect to the session.
We will be able to provide limited technical support during the class. Please familiarize yourselves with the controls of the application while waiting for the instructor to begin this class.  
There is a chat window where the instructor may provide external links to videos or other external resources to follow along.
There will be a moderator during the virtual class.  The moderator can and will ban anyone being disruptive in the class.  This is our first experience with virtualization, so there may be some components to this class that may not work as expected.  Don't panic if sounds becomes choppy or video becomes latent or laggy.
It is best to use a device that is connected to a dependable wifi signal. Thanks in advance!